HRV Units - Balanced Ventilation

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March 21, 2022

The HRV unit stands for Heat, Recovery, and Ventilation. It is designed to take advantage of the heat in outgoing ventilation air. A heat recovery unit saves you energy and money by heating the cold air in the heat exchanger before it reaches your rooms. This makes for a better indoor climate without using much more energy. A well-balanced ventilation system also includes filters that catch pollen, dust, and other similar things thereby making your house's air quality much better than what it would be otherwise.

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Indoor Pollution Sources
Examples of these include: Building materials Furniture Electronics Chemicals People Animals We need to bring fresh air into our homes so that we do not suffer from illness. When using a balanced ventilation system you remove poorley used air and replaced with fresh filtered clean air, in this way you will get a very good […]
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3 Most Important Human Needs
Food to eat Liquid to drink Air to breathe We consume approximately 1 kg of solid food/day and drink approximately 3 liters of liquids/day. If you compare this to the fact that we breathe about 30 kg of air/day it is actually surprising how little we think about that. Most of us are very particular […]
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Low-Energy and Passive House
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