REC Temovex Blue 4

Third generation of our Temovex units!

REC Temovex Blue is the third generation of REC’s Temovex units. Just as before the unit is designed as a white goods appliance and intended to be placed on the floor in a bathroom, laundry room, utility room or similar.

REC Temovex Blue 4 has dual counter-flow heat exchangers that are connected in parallel to provide high efficiency, not only at a specific point but over a wide flow range.

  • Third generation of our Temovex units!
  • Dual counterflow heat exchangers with about 90% efficiency *
  • SFP < 1,0 * (Example of a normal house 150 m2, 75 Pa in external channels)
  • Special features for air heating (ECO2)
  • Low noise
  • Qualified for passive buildings
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After-heater – Electrical
After-heater – HW Water temp. 55/45°C
Rated output, unit1165 W265 W
Rated output, standard heater900 W, (1800 W option)1500 W (2800 W option) at 85 l/s
Rated output, fans169 + 96 W169 + 96 W
Voltage/Frequency input230 V, 50 Hz230 V, 50 Hz
Fuse10 A10 A
Filter, supply air / exhaust airBag ePM1 50%/Coarse 60%Bag ePM1 50%/Coarse 60%
Weight97 kg97 kg
Water connectionDN12
Measurements (WxDxH)485x620x1940 mm*)485x620x1940 mm*)
Duct connections4 x 160 mm4 x 160 mm
Condensate drain4 x 160 mm4 x 160 mm